Readers become more joyful as they smile, laugh out loud and even shed a tear or two, as they see themselves or a friend in "Brinly" who is struggling to live up to the meaning of her name, "virtuous princess."
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Purposeful pursuit of the lover like none other...Christ, will replace the "single" or "it's complicated" label with "Oneness" in Christ. (John 17:21)


Table for 1 Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Victorious Individuals who enjoy healthy relationships with family, friends and future mates, if desired. (John 17:21, Psalm 37:4)

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2013 Dates
- Jan-June: Youth Groups Wkly

- Feb: Singles' Event

- April: Pre-Prom Bootcamp

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Table for 1, Please! is a resource used by Table for 1 Inc. 501(c) 3 non-profit.
Our mission is to develop victorious individuals at “1” with their purpose and faith found at a table for one.

Founder, D. Michelle Thompson believes setting a table for 1 is the key to living a more Joyful, Purposeful and Victorious life.

Table for 1, Thanks!

Single man’s story; Featuring Eric “honorable ruler”
Coming January 2014!

Table for 1, Again!

Single Again.
coming soon

Table for 1, Still?

Married couples story; Will it be Brinly & Eric? Or Justin & Serena?
coming soon



Table for 1, When?

Single Parent.
coming soon

Table for 1, How?

Blended Family.
coming soon

Table for 1, Curriculum